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11500 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 315 | Los Angeles, CA 90064

Kenneth Siporin, M.D. board certified Plastic Surgeon and hair transplant specialist.

Imagine the power of realizing your potential. Imagine loving the present and looking forward to the future instead of longing for lost years. Imagine being the best possible example of yourself, and discovering how wonderful you can feel here and now.

Take advantage of Dr. Siporin’s holistic approach to beauty and health, and see how he can help you achieve an enduring feeling of youthful well being.

Dr. Siporin specializes in hair transplants, minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, male hormone optimization, and patient wellness. If Dr. Siporin does not perform the exact procedure that you need, he will partner with you, to find the best health care professionals, to help you fill your needs.

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